In 1997, it was founded upon partnership experiences of architecture lasting since 1984. It is the definition of a company that turned its practical experience, integrated with contributions of regimes of import at first and export later, innovative and brave characteristics of Turkish enterprising soul into a brand name in a period when Turkish people adapted a sedentary settlement, permanent and social aims developed.

The company pay attention to mix service definition, psychology, design, manufacture, organization and principle of management and consider any deficiency as manufacture weakness.  This parameters mean that projects are suited to demand, contemporary, smart, well-chosen materials and finalized in time, and that is the  very definition of  “ architecture”

It perceives as an aim to construct a sub-structure that accepts education, training, rituals, status, developed life and working style, geographical and commercial conditions and caring relationship between construction and user and environment.  It looks for accurate design among clues given to clients, as personal card of user.

For this purpose, Dârâ Kırmızıtoprak made staff selection carefully and formed a  colleague tradition in the studio that turned into a academy, after graduation.  He appeared in the press or TV almost each month, by means of co-operation with domestic or foreign designers at the peak of his career ; he carries on his exciting and proud career. He won the European 1st Prize at  International Property Awards 2010.

Gökhan Avcıoğlu and Dârâ Kırmızıtoprak who knew each other for a long time combined their experiences and collaborated for  the aim of full service. With this collaboration begun in 2007, they continue their co-operation for assignment of appropriate land and location, forming appropriate program, coordination of all project service, especially architecture, interior architecture and decoration, building inspections and services for project management, if needed, in countries and cities such Turkey ; Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Bolu, Russia Kazan, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Belarus Minsk, Maritius Surinam.

Global Architectural Development is an  New York and Istanbul based office of shareholders are  Gökhan Avcıoğlu and Özlem Ercil Avcıoğlu and other people who achieved global co-operation. They have been working on design, research and concept design since 1994.

Their  interests are current and contemporary architecture, urbanism, software, consumer behaviors and integrated approach for projects. GAD consider architecture as a practice based on experience ; it assesses historical equals and new ways and combine them within mutual effectuality . Global Architectural Development looks for innovative approaches for architecture; it forms projects, ideas and  new spatial experiences.

GAD is in co-operation with various people such as  Cecil Balmond, Philip Gumuchdijan, Jeff Lee for new experiences, creation and international projects.

To give examples of its projects, we can count many offices, hotels, culture center, public areas, houses, residences, sport center and restaurants in Istanbul, Bodrum, New York, Washington DC, Virginia, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Kazan, Russia and Libya.

GDA won  National Architecture Award in 1997, got degree in Çimsa Urban Furniture in 2001 and won bronze medal in Miami Bienal and was nominated for Aga  Khan Architecture Awards, with its “Kadıköy Park” project  in 1998 and 2004  and “Yalova Elyaf” project in 2001.
GDA  had European 1st Award at International Property Awards 2010.

Works of GAD appeared in the magazines of  A+U, Blueprint, Architectural Digest Wallpaper, Monument, City, Monitor, Dwell, Interior Design, Architectural Review, Architectural Record and AIA New York Chapter’s magazine Oculus;  in the newspapers of New York Post and Washington Post. Moreover, it appeared also in the Turkish newspapers and magazines such as Hürriyet, Sabah, Milliyet, Referans, Elle, Elle Decoration, Alem, Arredamento, Maison Francaise, Marie Claire Maison.