Sustainable Projects

Stance with respect to nature, that nature
give back to nature "SUSTAINABLE"
The project, GÖLMAHAL


Gölmahal'i; care about the future of our planet against the threat of global climate change, green to the other
In tomorrow's project that we are carrying out the lush lives. This ecological philosophy, materials used in construction of houses, while each point of the project as reflected in the features that will save you.

Gölmahal, wise use of natural resources for a sustainable future, low carbon emissions, energy efficiency, renewables, green building elements such as energy saving technologies and recycling facilities are designed to last.

Less consumption and waste production, project details, such as land use, of course, more environment friendly stance proves that the construction phase.

Gölmahal, purified rain water collected from a special roof design, which produces its own electricity with wind turbines and solar energy technology, and the entire project of natural gas used in water purification system that provides you with a special, budget, and all contributing to our future. Gölmahal; you, you can save while at the same time invites you to a world where you can contribute to a sustainable future.

  Both the future of the world you won!