Intelligent system  automation technics are being used,

In Gölmahal villas, intelligent automation systems are being used in electrical and mechanical systems, thus you can command every device in your home via computer or telephone and  menu applications can be done that run all systems in key plugs at home  with one button in all platforms

For instance when you step to saloon and push to guest menu with one button, curtain of saloon will be opened out, all lights previously loaded to menu, lights of pool and garden will be on, music will be on, room temperature will be arranged.

All rooms temperatures will be arranged separately as required and thus you will not get cold in saloon and will not be hot in bed room. Floor heating and cooling will work thanks to air- born heat pumped system and when weather and damp conditions needs reinforcement , Fancoil systems step in automatically. You will not be aware of the heat in summer thanks to floor cooling system.

Not good , but perfect...

While in some projects sales are done in the way of advanced rough, in Gölmahal houses are delivered as finalized with best brands. Thus you will not pay 2-3 times more for an incomplete house to decorate it. In Gölmahal such brands are used as Nolte, W&B, Daiken, Rehau, Mielle. Villa fronts were made using  natural marble above jacketing and solid wood materials. Garage and pool are standard, winter garden, lift, pergola are optional.

Garden and Pool are on the ground floor

Windows of villa saloons are all along and height of saloon is 6,5 meter. Thanks to this while you were sitting in saloon, you can watch the pool, garden of the villa and scene of lake together ,you will feel the nature with you. Pool and garden of the villas are on the ground floor, so you can go to garden or pool direct from saloon. All rooms of villas have lake scene. Besides, in front of villas there are wide balconies. They were positioned in a way to see the west sun from  the best angle. Movable ‘sunshades’(optional) are designed to external walls of villas.

Rain water is  saved and purified

Thanks to special designed inner curved roofs, rain water is taken from inner garden to giant reservoir. Saved water after purified biologically and chemically is used again and saving is enabled between %40 and %60 for water expenses in a year.

Natural gas is not used

For to avoid threads originating from natural gas like fire, explosion, poisoning ,instead of natural gas, in the project in which air-born temperature pumps and electric is used, both floor heating , cooling and blowing air conditioning system take place .By means of this energy saving is enabled between %20  and %50 as well.

Easy Transportation

There will be a minibus in a site for transportation to important centers of the city and subway .

Distance to some centers:

Maslak, Levent: 25 Minutes
Taksim: 30 Minutes
Atatürk Airport: 20 Minutes
Hezarfen Airport: 5 Minutes
Büyükçekmece Marina : 5 Minutes
TEM : 1km
E-5 : 5 km

Wood and Stone Dressing external walls

Villas fronts after isolation was done (jacketing) and insulation is provided, the whole front exhibits a rich appearance with natural wood, natural marble or suchlike materials.


Passing will be done with photocell cards ,and also there are security cameras, fire hydrants, lightning conductor and security building. In security building video jack to villas is provided.


5 different Decoration Option

Sample villas drawn by Architecture Dara Kırmızıtoprak and Gökhan Avcıoğlu with 5 different decoration type options  differentiated in color and material,  are turnkey.(except belongings, curtains. Clerestory, Lift, Sunshades, jalousie, winter garden, build-in wardrobes are optional)

Substructure and Earthquake Proofing

Basis and curtain insulation ,drainage, front jacketing is perfect in every villa. Besides there are 40 ,11 metric bored pile under every villa thus measures are taken for bad days.


There is lift substructure preparation in every villa. Lift is put in as optional.

Educational Institutions

MEV and German high school is near to Gölmahal villas, so many educational institutions like Kültür 2000, Fatih University are so close to villas.

Green certificate

Materials and equipments used in villas are fictionalized as required for getting Green certificate.

Wind Turbine produces its own electricity

Gölmahal‘ produces its own electricity thanks to wind turbine and sun collectors that is found in project, thus saving is enabled in electricity between %15 and %30 in a year.

Decorative and Light Inner Garden

One of the most important features that creates privilege in  decoration of villas is that: there is an inner garden providing villas to get sunshine totally. Villas, thanks to inner garden you can go basement that can be used as hobby space, provides even a light basement benefitting from sunshine. Thus energy saving is benefited. 

Sport and Play Fields

There are 2 tennis Courts, 1 Basketball, 1  playground.

Social Facility that helps you to live and win

Social Facilities will be open to others and will be given to keeper. Thus Obtained income helps to reduce site expenditures and dues.
There will be indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fitness and spa center, restaurant, sauna, Turkish bath and steam bath in social facilities.

Project Architectures

Gölmahal project was prepared by Gökhan Avcıoğlu and  Dara Kırmızıtoprak and their teams meticulously, and it was planned considering all expectations of a villa owner.

Water and Temperature Insulation

Gölmahal , provides energy saving around %20 by calculated insulation used in front, roof , basis, shredding and windows, and electrical systems   of all villas and common areas was designed by calculating savings and needs.

Hobby Space

An empty hobby space for special hobbies  are given in the cellars of villas. There are a two-person servant’s room, laundry  room and 90-95 m2 empty hobby area. This hobby space is enlightened by sunlight coming from courtyard.

Hezarfen Airport

Villas are near Hezarfen Airport where you can use various activities, take flight training and rent plane and helicopter.

Land Slope

Land slope is not steep but slightly inclined. Entries and exits are hold at the same level and high wall images are avoided through meticulous works carried out by architectural group. Besides, this slightly inclined slope will allow site residents to take a relaxing walk.


Neighbors will consist of elite peoples and thus a harmony with each other is enabled. Various activities will be organized.