Power of water, sun, wind allows energy saving…

‘’Gölmahal’’ in an 92.470 square meter lush area where 38 villa with gross 720 square meter   positioned ; become prominent with eco-friendly, smart systems applications that enables energy saving. It values every single detail including retrenching from materials used in villa construction by considering future of our world against global climate change thread through  producing its own resources, environmentalist project that enables recycling.

’’Gölmahal’’ where natural resources used reasonable for a sustainable future, has been designed with high technology considering some notions like lower carbon emission, energy efficiency, renewable resources, temperature saving and recycling. 

You are totally free in choosing color and materials while designing your home’s inner decoration in Gölmahal, created meticulously  by Dara Kırmızıtoprak and Gökhan Avcıoğlu who are among  the most important designers of Turkey. Standard, Classic, Retro, Modern or Mİx & Match…You can design every single part of your house as in your dreams ,deciding up one of the options.



In Gölmahal ; you will be close to everything you dreamed from nature sport centers where you can do every sort of activities like water ski, catamaran, windsurfing canoeing, ATV, motocross, mountain bike and offroad, to riding centers where you can ride a horse, from Hezarfen Airport where you can take flight lessons , to air-taxi service through which you can hire helicopter for emergency health service and heliport positioned in site for any emergency use